2016 Permit Fees- $25.00


Permits from the Fire Department are required for new construction or remodeling that involves fire and/or life-safety systems and for a broad range of activities that involve flammable or hazardous materials.


A. Construction/Tenant Improvement Permits
Permits are required for remodeling and new construction that involves the alteration or modification of fire prevention, detection and alarm systems, including the addition, redesign, relocation and alteration or removal of:

               Fire alarm systems

               Fire sprinkler systems

               Fixed fire suppression systems(including hood and duct and FM 200-type systems)


B. Operational Permits  - Permit Applications
Permits are required for activities that involve flammable or hazardous materials or may involve some fire hazard. The International Fire Code Table 105 offers a complete list of "permitable" activities in City of Mount Pleasant. There are two kinds of operational permits -- temporary and until-revoked. For more information on Annual Fire Department Permits, please follow the link.


         Temporary Permits – Temporary operational permits allow applicants to conduct operations or businesses for prescribed periods of time. The permit will indicate the specific dates when the hazard or condition will be in effect. The Mount Pleasant Fire Chief may grant an extension of the permit time period upon presentation by the permittee of a satisfactory reason for failure to start or complete the work or activity authorized by the permit within the required time period of the permit.

          Until-Revoked Permits – Until-revoked permits allow applicants to conduct operations or businesses for an undetermined period of time, provided the conditions of the permit are met. The specific date will be listed on the permit indicating when the hazard or condition commences. The permit shall extend for a continuous period of time upon demonstration by the permittee of a satisfactory use of the permitted condition or hazard. Until-revoked permits can be renewed annually.

To obtain an operational permit, you can contact the Fire Prevention Division. You can also print and complete the permit application and submit that to the Mount Pleasant Fire Department 1158 N Main St. Mt. Pleasant TN. 38474.


Permit Fees
A fee of $25.00 will be charged for each operational permit. When more than one permit is required for the same location, consolidation into a single permit is acceptable provided that each provision is listed on the permit. Information, including the name and address of person to be billed, location of the permitted activity and type of permit shall be included as part of the billing information.


          Renewal Fee for Until-Revoted Permits:  The permit fee is annual for until-revoked operational permits, due at the beginning of the following year from the date of permit issuance. A list of all new permits issued during the previous year as well as existing until-revoked permits shall be forwarded to the Finance Department for billing.


          Temporary permit fees:  shall be billed immediately upon issuance of the permitted activity.